For Our Insurance Partners

As a partner and service provider to local, regional and international insurance companies, we are aware of the challenges facing us and the responsibilities we carry. Our core service offerings include:

Medical Management

Medical Management includes the coordination of health services by MedNet’s medical team working with treating physicians and healthcare providers to increase the best possible healthcare outcome for our members.

Operations Management

Operations Management covers the control of administrative procedures and costs. The main objective is to create an environment of continuous improvement and to set a baseline to measure performance.

Data Management

Analyzing and sharing data with doctors and patients can deliver significant improvements in healthcare. At MedNet we gather, interpret and share information to encourage appropriate care and increase access to treatment that works.

Network Management

Network Management includes the set-up and management of healthcare provider networks to support the key objectives of managed care, i.e. to increase the quality of medical care, to ensure appropriateness & accuracy and to optimize healthcare costs.
 MedNet provides saturation coverage of UAE and all GCC countries. In addition, MedNet cooperates closely with other healthcare management companies, which provide similar network access and functionality in other parts of the world such as South-East Asia, Europe and United States.

Customer service

We believe that friendliness and willingness to help is in direct proportion to our success. Service is a feeling! We know what it is when we get it – so we give back the same thing – or more.

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