Customer Services

Medical Providers Network:

IHA has widely distributed Network all over the District of Afghanistan, which includes the best qualified medical centers, the mix of providers are as follows:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors (All Specialties)
  • Laboratories
  • Physiotherapy Centers
  • Radiology Centers
  • Pharmacies

Additionally, kindly note that IHA Network department team are willing to add any other medical provider based on the geographical distribution and type of specialty.

Pre-approval Department: (24 hours/7 days a week) Service:

Pre-approval Center consists of doctors for case management and approval cases. This center operates 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The main responsibilities for this center are:

  • In-Hospital case management (approval, follow up, case extension), approval time is given in a very short time (5 minutes by maximum), unless further info or diagnostics are requested
  • Out-Hospital queries
  • Cases that require pre-approval as per table of benefits if any
  • Medical advices
  • Second opinion referral (according to client needs).

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