Project Management Office

a multi-disciplinary team of trained project managers and training professionals lead all stages of solutions development, deployment and training.

Communications professionals

in charge of developing and executing high-profile communications programs, standardizing the corporate expansions through well thought strategies and campaigns.

Infrastructure Administrators

in charge of managing the system and network infrastructure, including servers, hardware and hosting centers.


5 dedicated actuarial analysts including professionally certified actuaries supporting our clients in their reporting, analysis, pricing, reserving and product development needs as well as providing a host of reinsurance services; starting from negotiating treaty terms to managing signed treaties.

In-House Legal Department

a qualified team of legal and paralegal professionals, with a variety of backgrounds and experience, counsels IHA Limited and its franchisees on all their legal and business needs. This team is well versed in drafting of insurance contracts and incorporation of new companies in addition to litigation, negotiations and dispute resolution.

Coding Experts and Trainers

our coding trainers are predominantly Medical Doctors with diploma in coding health information and with extensive experience in medical coding, healthcare industry in areas related to auditing, controlling, healthcare administration and health risk assessment.

A Dedicated Franchising Team

committed to transferring the IHA corporate know-how and expertise and empowering franchisees through continuous training, full guidance & support, making sure that the solution is deployed, localized and exploited by our franchisees, thus rendering them successful in their respective markets.

Healthcares and Wellness Experts

our professional medical experts have extensive experience in health systems and wellness programs. They set health policies, customize clinical guidelines and implement standards of practice, regularly review health providers, regulate case management implementation, educate and train our in house medical staff, and ensure the quality of care provided to our members. Our experts are supported by 75 medical professionals from our IHA operations to promote our medical culture within the region.


we value every applicant and we have established a solid strategy where even the applicants with unfavorable health conditions can receive coverage under specific terms. Our models can be used to price substandard risks and our systems can be used to apply coverage conditions at the most detailed level. Together they provide our clients with the capability to reach all market segments while maintaining profitability.

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